if you want to watch some emotional comedy with hard-hitting-reality-facing you should check out bo burnham’s “what”

i laugh and then it tears my heart apart every time

Anonymous: Hi! What's the story behind the sprite without lemon tattoo? If you've already answered this, could you please direct me to it?

.. it says Duende, Sin Temor

read up on el Duende:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duende_(art)

Sin temor translates to “without fear”

feeling a little better today, although still quite defeated and deflated.

i’ll leave the photo post up as it seems to reach a lot of people on an emotional level.

i have a lot of thinking to do, and a lot of stuff to face/figure out in the coming year (or half-year) before brad and i likely (not definite, but we are heavily considering) move out to Portland.

hopefully there aren’t too many more posts like that, though.  while my anxiety/depression/borderline stuff sometimes gets very out of control, i’ve done well with it recently.  last night was the worst it has been in a few months.

thank you all so damn much for your support and all the kind messages.  i hope to answer some stuff today as i wasn’t at all in a place last night to respond to people.  

here’s a calm cat for you to look at if you get upset at all today.  i’ll try to do the same <3 he is actually pretty calming and distracting if you give him a chance.