flight at 10 am tomorrow, which means waking up at 6 am to get to the airport

i should probably be asleep but i’m too upset to sleep

maybe i should just deprive myself so i pass out on the 8 hour plane ride back to the US

so hey while i’m getting stuff of my chest today

when you take a bunch of polaroids of me, and advertise the polaroids as a collaborative effort, using my name as a selling point, and state in the advertisements that we’re splitting the profits.. 

then you sell the polaroids and never split the profits with me, but the people buying them think you are

but you’re really just taking all the money

that’s fucked up

i guess it’s fine for you to keep the profits, but don’t lie to people about where money is going..

ps can’t even reblog the post about them being for sale because you deleted it from both of your blogs.. so there’s no way i could advertise in order to get my promised share anyway..

so that’s cool too

Anonymous: are you and jacs okay??

totally.  we just got fed up with some shit/specific people today.  we are actually in super good moods considering how pissy we are at certain folk.

also we’re sad to be leaving europe tomorrow and covering that up with other emotions. 


have been a little out of the loop the past few weeks as wifi in europe has been spotty at best.  

i’ll be home in 2 days and will be more seriously handling emails/messages then - so if you’ve been waiting i’m so sorry, but i’ll get back to you soon!