We’re so excited to announce an updated roster of models! We’ll post images and tons more content featuring them soon, but for now here are the names!

Cam Damage
Jacs Fishburne
Sierra McKenzie
Brooke Eva
Rivi Madison
Freshie Juice
Mika Lovely
Miss Jennette
Kathleen Truffaut
Justine Marie
Lady Sensuality
Lola Agnosia

all these ladies.  all in the same place.  and you could meet us/shoot us/eat pizza with us ALLLLL.  check out the modelcon fundraising site to see if you’re interested in being a part of this awesome gathering

This morning Jacs taught me that Bronn (of Game of Thrones) was in a doo-wop duo in the 90s.

This is… embarrassing.  For all of us.

*wake up in bad mood*

*want to space out on tumblr but it’s not moving at all this morning*

*go to bucky barnes fan blogs instead*

i may have a problem