Going to the dentist for the first time in years soon. My last dentist was pretty judgmental of my facial/oral piercings, and I always worry what someone new will say to me.

I have to keep reminding myself I’m an adult getting my teeth cleaned, not a child.

Anonymous: $20 is more than what it costs to buy a full length porno.

$20 is what some people spend at Starbucks daily. What’s your point?

Anonymous: You really charge $20 for a polaroid of you????

or more.  

because i’m worth it.


Brand new Instax Mini set of Cam Damage available for purchase!  All one-of-a-kind and signed by Cam.

$20 each ($1 for shipping domestic, $3 international), or four of them for $70.  Email me at booking@dangerninja.com with the number(s) of the pics that you want!

EDIT: 5-7 are sold!  Still seven more left!

a bunch of these are still for sale too!  just fyi.  it’s a “for sale” day.

(via dangerninja)

for sale in my store : instax/polaroids

as i’m newly without a job due to taking time off from modeling to focus on my mental health, i’ll be selling tons of instax and polaroids in my store.  go take a look and purchase if you’re interested!  custom instax/digital photo sets are also possible - just ask if interested!

[also privately selling more erotic polaroids that have never been/will never be posted online - email if interested : camdamagemodel@gmail.com]

your support helps so much <3

this too shall pass and needing/getting are really great songs for helping you get over stuff

just fyi