i guess i do need to follow some new blogs…

if you follow me you know what i like, so drop a note here and i’ll check out some blogs and follow new ones today, and get rid of some old ones.

don’t be offended if i don’t follow you please.  i’m extremely picky.  it doesn’t mean i don’t like you as a person or anything silly

**note** it’s not a matter of being “cool enough” - if i don’t follow you it doesn’t mean you’re not cool.  that is all

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  • 1 year ago
  • Dec 09,2012
    1. leclasse said: ;)
    2. famous-fotografy said: radioactivedust - charlie
    3. shessofuckedinthehead said: that whole thing is silly, why would you want me to follow you if i dont have the same taste, its just like im not following you because im not going to like what you post and im not going to reblog either, hello
    4. officialcrow said: certainly needa fuck with me, been on the team forever. for ever
    5. elvampi said: this is my favorite thisisnthappiness.com
    6. gabrielecappelloblog said: take a look at my tumblr! :P
    7. gnarosis said: love the stuff you reblog. no offense taken if you dont follow but stop by perhaps? mwah
    8. parhelions said: You oughta follow me!
    9. pale-adrenaline said: well i have your pictures on my blog so it’s not bad at all
    10. stocktonreject said: I think my blog is pretty swell, hopefully you would too?
    11. thatguygil said: wtfevah.tumblr.com
    12. billyprime said: Ooh pick me. =D
    13. fighting-windmills said: <3
    14. itsfunnycositstrue said: missandsir would welcome the lovely Cam just like itsfunnycositstrue…
    15. theharama said: Check my tumblr out
    16. whatwewantwhatwedo reblogged this from camdamage and added:
      check us out. new and we have pics of ourselves
    17. falldownhard said: Visualamor
    18. toddstringer said: I’d like your opinion of my work, honestly. So follow if you’d like.
    19. thesantimountain said: Well feel very cool now.