I’m looking for something new for my face, am sick of blemishes and problem areas.  someone suggested a sensitive skin soap by Lush, as well as Grease Lightning (spot treatment)

do any folks out there with acne-prone skin have experience with Lush products on their faces?

edit: thanks for all the great suggestions!  looks like i’ll be getting some Dr. Bronner’s and some bentonite clay and such :)

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  • 1 year ago
  • Jan 17,2013
    1. adh12783 said: Aveda’s Liquid Exfoliant for me. Everyone is different, but after 10+ years of breaking out, this is what works. I use it in the morning and at night and it’s amazing.
    2. adjustedoutcome said: I love aveda’s tourmaline face wash. It has just enough of an exfoliant to that I can use it daily. Getting rid of dead skin cells has helped clear my skin so well.
    3. madeofpaper answered: be careful with lush, lots of oils. their ocean salt is good for exfoliating. i use desert essence tea tree face wash for blemishes
    4. killtheveganzombie answered: clean and clear all the way
    5. aloeverapapi answered: i just use proactive. expensive but works. it’ll get rid of everything
    6. mollyunravel answered: tea tree dr. bronner’s soap has been absolutely amazing for me. that and significantly cutting dairy out of my diet.
    7. nifson answered: i didn’t have luck with any of the lush products that i used last year, the best results i got were from pangea organics
    8. conditionofthesoul answered: aztec secret bentonite clay!!! and egyptian magic cream. i swear by them.
    9. rwib answered: Been using stuff from AVON lately but they don’t seem to work. It began to disappear when I started a ‘healthy diet’. Hope this can help.
    10. tanyerin said: and sugar
    11. tanyerin answered: you have to clean the way you eat, i had those problems too, and they stoped when i stoped eating animals, saturated fats, and toxins
    12. ocarinaoftime said: Haven’t used their profucts but if you don’t wear tons of makeup I suggest cleansing your face with sweet almond oil. It has helped me out a LOT.
    13. tobeseechyou answered: Yes! its the best. also an olive oil sea salt srub is really great for dry winter skin!
    14. stoneoffolly answered: unsure of the answer, but I definitely feel you, girl. Why am i still getting zits?
    15. lightcolorbeauty answered: drink more water…and some lemon juice …
    16. slapfight answered: None of it has worked for me, but that’s not to say it won’t work for you. Good luck <3
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